305W Mono Black Off Grid Solar Kit - USB MPPT Controller

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305W Monocrystalline Black Off Grid Solar Kit Solar Kit - MPPT Controller + USB Charging - Ring Terminals & Fuseholder - 12 or 24V Charging

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High Quality Monocrystalline Black 305W Solar Panel Kit.

High Quality Black Monocrystalline Longi Solar Solar Panel Kit with 'Industry Leading' Quality and Power Output & 10 Year Panel Warranty.

The panels are multi use, and can be mounted on a shed, garage roof or other suitable surface.

One of these 305W Solar Kits can be used to charge up a 12V or 24V Battery and 2 x USB Devices through the included EPEVER Triron 30A MPPT Charge Controller and PV Cables.

We have designed this kit to be easy to setup and install with the highest quality components.

Please Note: Custom Cable Lengths for Charging & PV Available Upon Request.

1 x Longi 305W Black Monocrystalline MCS & TUV Certified Solar Panel

Panel Features:

  • Industry Leading Warranty - Quality Warranty 10 Years, 90% Power Output @ 10 Years, 80% Power Output @ 25 Years.
  • Excellent Performance even under low solar radiation conditions
  • Integrated bypass diodes x 3 to protect the solar cell circuit from hot-spots during partial shading
  • Module efficiency 18.30%
  • Stringent testing ensuring high performing modules are supplied
  • Front Glass - 3.2mm,High Transmission, Non Reflective,Tempered Glass
  • Anodized Aluminium frame improves load resistance capabilities for heavy wind loads
  • IEC16215 safety rated for high wind pressure, hail impact, snow load.
  • Resitance to Salt Corrosion IEC61701
  • Cell Type - Polycrystalline 156.76mm x 156.75mm (60 cells)
  • Junction Box - IP67 Rated
  • 1M 4mm Cables
  • Dimensions - 1650 x 991 x 40mm
  • Weight - 18.5kg

Electrical Specification:

  • Maximum Power - 305W
  • Optimum Power Voltage (Vmp) - 33.00V
  • Optimum Operating Current (Imp) - 9.24A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 40.20V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) - 9.94A
  • Module Efficiency (%) - 18.30%
  • Maximum Series Fuse Rating - 20A
  • Application Class - Class A

Temperature & Coefficients:

  • Operating Temeperature - -40C - +85C
  • Maximum System Voltage - 1000V(IEC)DC
  • Temperature Coefficients of Pmax - 0.37% / C
  • Temperature Coefficients of VoC
  • Temperature Coefficients of Isc
  • Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 45 +/-2C

30A EPEVER Triron MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12-24V Auto Detect

Charge Controller Features:

The EPEVER Triron series adopts a common Negative design and an advanced MPPT control algorithm. These controllers can track the Maximum Power Point point fast and accurately in any situation which will improve energy efficiency and obtain the maximum solar energy from your array. Fully Automatic operation with electronic protection, detection of Day and night.

  • Advanced MPPT technology
  • High tracking efficiency no less than 99.5%
  • Peak conversion efficiency of 98%
  • Ultra-fast tracking speed
  • Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power point
  • Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively
  • User programmable for battery types, load control etc.
  • 3-Stage charge with PWM output
  • Common positive grounding design
  • RS485 port with industrial standard MODBUS open architecture
  • Fully programmable function via PC software or remote meter

Electronic Protections:

  • PV reverse polarity protection
  • PV short circuit protection
  • PV over current alarm protection
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Load short circuit protection
  • Load overload protection
  • Overheating protection


  • LCD display.
  • Nominal System Voltage: 12-24V 
  • Rated Charge Current: 30A
  • Rated Discharge Current: 30A
  • Battery Input Range 8~32V
  • Max PV Voltage 100V - 92V @ 25C
  • Max PV Input 390W @ 12V - 780W @ 24V
  • Boost,Equalize and Float charging.
  • Automatic 12/24 Volt detection
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Large terminals for ease of installation 
  • Gel, Sealed or Flooded Battery Types
  • Fully electronically protected
  • Power Consumption <20mA

These Solar Charge controllers are an ideal way to get your Solar System charging your battery bank in a controlled manner thus protecting and extending your battery life.


2 x 5M 4mm TUV Rated PV Cable Incl. MC4 Connectors (One of each)

2 X 5M Solar PV Cables come pre-crimped with One Male and One Female Connector, these cables are perfect for connecting from a Solar Panel to a charge controller or inverter where only one set of MC4 Connectors is required. If you require both ends of the cable crimped please see our other items.

PV Cable Features:

  • TUV Approved Solar Cable
  • Ozone Resistant to EN50396
  • UV Resistant to UNE-HD:2008(HD605/A1)
  • Durability Tested to last 25 Years according to EN 60216
  • TUV 2 PfG 1169/08.2007
  • CEI 20-91
  • Flame Resistant: IEC 60332-1-2
  • Conductor: Class 5 Flexible Tinned copper to IEC 60228
  • Temperature Range: -40C to +90C
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 4 x Diameter
  • Thermal Endurance: IEC 60216-
  • Maximum Voltage 1000V
  • 30A Max Current
  • Operating Temperature -40C - +90C
  • Waterproof Grade: IP67
  • Flame class: UL94-V0
  • Connector Materials: Nickel Copper
  • Insulation Material: PA12/1988HB
  • TUV Certified
  • Water Weatherproof Rubber Seal
  • High Quality Machined Copper Sealed Tip
  • Easy Disconnect Clips No tool required


Charge Cable Features:

  •     Size: 2.5mm Sq (14 AWG) Single Core 50/0.25 (50 Copper Strands) / 0.25mm)
  •     Length: 1.5 Meter Pre-made with Ring Terminals & Inline Fuseholder
  •     Operating Temperature: -40C to 105C
  •     Current Rating: 30Amps
  •     Voltage Rating: 12v/24v/50v/110v/230v/415v/600v (600v rms)
  •     Weight: 34g/m
  •     Insulation Type: Standard PVC Hard
  •     Outside Diameter: 3.65mm
  •     Insulation Thickness: 0.8mm
  •     Minimum Bending Radius: 6x Diameter
  •     Approval: BS6231 UK, CSA TEW Canada, UL Style 1015, 1028 or 1283 USA

Battery Terminal Features:

  • Battery Clamp Pair Positive & Negative
  • Brass Coated
  • Inder Diameters: Positive = 18mm, Negative 17mm 

These High Quality Solar PV Cables and connectors will ensure minimum loss and maximum lifetime reliability for your Solar Array.



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305W Mono Black Off Grid Solar Kit - USB MPPT Controller

305W Mono Black Off Grid Solar Kit - USB MPPT Controller

305W Monocrystalline Black Off Grid Solar Kit Solar Kit - MPPT Controller + USB Charging - Ring Terminals & Fuseholder - 12 or 24V Charging