Rutland 504 Wind Charger Kit

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Rutland 504 Wind Charger Kit - Pole - Cables - Controller

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Rutland 504 Wind Charger Kit - Pole - Cables - Controller

This Kit is multi use, they are especially suited to caravan, mobile home or marine use.

The Wind Turbine can be quickly and easily mounted with the supplied 1M stainless steel pole.

One of these Wind Charger Kits can be used to trickle charge up a 12V Battery through the included Controller, OceanFlex Marine grade cable and accessories..

We have designed this kit to be easy to setup and install with the highest quality components.

Please Note: Custom Cable Lengths Available Upon Request.

Rutland 504 12V Wind Charger

The Rutland 504 is a super compact turbine that is great for using wind power for trickle charging. You can be sure that when you arrive on board your batteries will be well charged up and ready for your appliances. Rutland 504 Windcharger model is designed for use on board sailing yachts and temporary motor caravan applications.
At less than 5kg the Rutland 504 model proves very convenient for storage and handling.  It can be quickly mounted on a  4-6m tower at temporary locations or a fixing that attaches to the vehicle can be raised on site to get up and running.


Aerodynamically styled to maintain good wind flow and stability.
Low wind speed start up maximises power generation in low winds.
High grade construction materials for durability, U.V. stability and weather resistance.

Provides a D.C. power supply to charge 12 V battery banks where low power is needed for domestic devices as well as navigation equipment etc.


Typical battery sizes from 60 – 150Ah.
Cut in Windspeed    3 m/s
Output Voltages Available (Nominal)    12V
Power / Current Ratings:   
5m/s     10knots     3W(0.2A)
11m/s   21knots     29W(2.1A)
15m/s   29knots     48W(3.4A)
Packed Weight & Dimensions    6 Kg 550x550x260mm

Generator Type        Low friction 3 phase, brushless
Yaw Rotation           Slipring for 360° free rotation. Low brush wear.
Governing Devices   None
Turbine Diameter     510 mm
Turning Radius        304 mm
Net Weight              3.5 kg

HRSi Hybrid Charge Controller 12V

Charge Controller Features:

The HRSi conveniently brings together a Rutland Windcharger voltage regulator
with an input for up to 160Watts of photovoltaic panels in a single easy to install device. Multi-stage charge control delivers appropriate charge levels required to ensure your batteries get the maximum power they are able to retain and remain float charged.


  • 12V
  • PWM-regulation (series type)
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) regulation is now more finely
    controlled using the latest programmable microcontrollers. PWM
    regulation monitors battery voltage to prevent overcharge. As peak
    voltages are reached the HRSi tapers the input charge from the
    wind & solar chargers gradually reducing input to float
    stage level. This feature gradually reduces the speed of the
    turbine to an eventual “idle” thus extending the working life
    of the windcharger. As the battery discharges the wind turbine
    responds by increasing speed to deliver more power. Solar
    power is also tapered in the same way.
  • Intelligent Microcontroller system is programmed to deliver
    bulk and float phase charging. This feature ensures that batteries
    are optimally charged, especially when unattended.
  • LED indicators keep the user informed about battery voltage levels
    and charging status
  • Manual shutdown switch allows the user to stop the wind & solar chargers from delivering power to the battery if
    required. The windcharger slows to a “idle” in this mode.
  • HRS unit for single battery bank.
  • Wall mounted.
  • LED indication of charging, regulating battery voltage. 
  • Designed for use with Rutland 504 plus up to 160W of Solar.
  • Easy to connect terminals to interface windcharger, solar panels & battery connection.
  • Temperature compensation automatically adjusts the settings of the regulator to take account of varying
    temperatures thus ensuring maximum charging efficiency in all conditions.
  • Automatic Voltage Detection 1224V (Battery Must Be Conected First)
  • Built-in charge fuse protects the wiring circuit in the event of accidental reverse polarity connection.
  • Built in blocking diode avoids conflict with other charging sources to the same battery. (Solar Panel must have own blocking diode inline). Not Included

These Hybrid Charge controllers are an ideal way to get your Solar & Wind Hybrid System charging your battery bank in a controlled manner thus protecting and extending your battery life.

10M OceanFlex 2.5mm 29A Marine Grade Tinned Copper Wire

Oceanflex thin wall tinned electrical cable, with 2.5mm² cross section in accordance with ISO 6722-1:2011 (Class B). This cable features a twin core copper conductor manufactured to BS EN 60228:2005 which is tinned and then insulated in a hard grade PVC insulation. Tinned copper offers excellent corrosion resistance to make this cable particularly suitable in marine environments, while the PVC outer sheath offers good protection against abrasion and cuts, as well as resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricating oils and diluted acids.

Cable Features:

  • Quality thinwall Marine Grade twin cable
  • Length: 10M
  • Current rating: 29A 348W @ 12V
  • Multi strand tinned copper conductor @ 2.5mm
  • Voltage rating: 12 - 60 volt DC
  • Min/Max Temp: -40oC to 105oC

1M Steel Mounting Pole Features:

Polished Marine Grade Stainless Steel 1000mm with predrilled holes for mounting the Rutland 504 Wind Charger.



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Rutland 504 Wind Charger Kit

Rutland 504 Wind Charger Kit

Rutland 504 Wind Charger Kit - Pole - Cables - Controller