Rutland 1200 Wind Charger 12V + Controller

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Rutland 1200 Wind Charger + Controller 12V - Land or Marine Based

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Rutland 1200 Wind Charger + Controller 12V - Land or Marine Based

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The Rutland 1200 is our new generation of turbinedesigned for users seeking higher generating capacity on board yachts and in off grid locations.
The Rutland 1200 elegantly combines a number of high tech features focused on quiet operation, low windspeed performance and high power delivery up to 500W.

Rutland wind turbines are contructed using a range of modern and traditional high quality materials which are designed to endure even in a marine environment. They are innovative in their field as they introduced light weight but robust high density nylon and glass reinforced materials that are UV stable alongside marine grade aluminium, stainless steel, sealed for life bearings and other carefully selected and precision worked materials in a UK factory.

Design Features

The Rutland 1200 low wind speed start up is unrivalled. The highly ecient blade and generator designs deliver  charge into your batteries long before many other turbines are picking up. Overall that’s more power to you!

  • Unique Tri-namic Prole Blades
    The most advanced Marlec designed Tri-namic Blade brings
    together low wind speed start up with high wind speed power
    performance and almost silent running across all wind speeds.
  • 3 Phase AC power delivered from the turbine to the controller
    minimises voltage drop on long cable runs.
  • The low friction generator responds rapidly to windspeed changes
    and its inertia drives the turbine on between gusts to capture more
    Power optimising Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) boosts
    the turbine’s output
  • Marine grade stainless steel and aluminium are combined with
    modern, durable but lightweight materials to give a high quality
    build and nish.

…and you will enjoy greater freedom to use onboard appliances knowing your batteries are getting topped up.

Rutland Windcharger systems can give you complete energy independence on board and with their reputation for excellent low wind speed performance even the gentlest of breezes will keep your batteries topped up.

Wind & Solar Energy are free and abundant sources of energy so once fitted you can let nature do the work while you enjoy the sailing!

Rutland 1200 Controller Features

  • Hybrid control to combine Rutland 1200 wind turbine with up to 20A (260W @ 12V) of solar panels.
  • Dual charging capability to 2 separate battery banks.
  • MPPT on both wind turbine and solar panel inputs to maximise both energy sources. Enables connection of high voltage solar panels.
  • Pulse Width Modulation charge control for multi-stage charging
    ensures fully charged and maintained batteries.
  • Automatic turbine speed reduction as batteries reach capacity, resumes as batteries  deplete.
  • Manual shutdown switches for wind and solar inputs
  • LED charge and battery condition indicators as standard.
  • Remote digital display optional, connect with RJ232


Cut in Windspeed    2.5 m/s
Output Voltages Available (Nominal)    12V
Power / Current Ratings:    
5m/s     10knots     40W(2.9A)
11m/s   21knots     290W(21.3A)
15m/s   29knots     483W(35.5A)
Packed Weight & Dimensions    11.25Kg 900x390x185mm

Generator Type          Low friction 3 phase, rare earth magenets brushless
Yaw Rotation             Slipring for 360° free rotation. Low brush wear.
Governing Devices    Electronic Stalling
Turbine Diameter      1220 mm
Turning Radius          620 mm
Net Weight                7.8 kg



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Rutland 1200 Wind Charger 12V + Controller

Rutland 1200 Wind Charger 12V + Controller

Rutland 1200 Wind Charger + Controller 12V - Land or Marine Based