Rutland 914i Wind Charger 24V - Marine Based

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Rutland 914i Wind Charger 24V - Marine Based

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Rutland 914i Wind Charger 24V - Marine Based

The Rutland 914i punches well above its size for power, rivalling the claimed outputs of larger turbines owing to it’s built-in MPPT technology. This continuously matches the turbine speed and generator to their optimum performance to deliver more ampere hours into your battery ……and a by-product of this optimised efficiency is a virtually silent wind turbine!

Rutland wind turbines are contructed using a range of modern and traditional high quality materials which are designed to endure even in a marine environment. They are innovative in their field as they introduced light weight but robust high density nylon and glass reinforced materials that are UV stable alongside marine grade aluminium, stainless steel, sealed for life bearings and other carefully selected and precision worked materials in a UK factory.

Thinking of Using Wind Power for Boats?

If so then take a look at the many benefits of fitting a Rutland wind turbine on board with Complus Energy. The world leading range of Rutland Windchargers will save you money, here’s how:

  • Running costs will be cut as you won’t need to run the engine so often.
  • Fuel consumption will fall and engine running time will be reduced.
  • There will be no more need for expensive mains hook ups on your travels.
  • Well charged and cycled batteries will last many more years too.

…and you will enjoy greater freedom to use onboard appliances knowing your batteries are getting topped up.

Rutland Windcharger systems can give you complete energy independence on board and with their reputation for excellent low wind speed performance even the gentlest of breezes will keep your batteries topped up.

Wind & Solar Energy are free and abundant sources of energy so once fitted you can let nature do the work while you enjoy the sailing!

Summary of Features and Uses

  • Aerodynamically styled to maintain good wind flow and stability.
  • Low wind speed start up maximises power generation in low winds.
    High grade construction materials for durability, U.V. stability and weather resistance.
  • Provides a D.C. power supply to charge 24V battery banks where low power is needed for domestic devices as well as navigation equipment etc.

Typical battery sizes from 60 – 200Ah.


Cut in Windspeed    3 m/s
Output Voltages Available (Nominal)    24V
Power / Current Ratings:    
5m/s     10knots     24W(0.8A)
11m/s   21knots     143W(5.1A)
15m/s   29knots     263W(9.4A)
Packed Weight & Dimensions    13.1 Kg 370x300x450mm

Generator Type          Low friction 3 phase, brushless
Yaw Rotation             Slipring for 360° free rotation. Low brush wear.
Governing Devices     None
Turbine Diameter       910 mm
Turning Radius          304 mm
Net Weight                11.58 kg



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Rutland 914i Wind Charger 24V - Marine Based

Rutland 914i Wind Charger 24V - Marine Based

Rutland 914i Wind Charger 24V - Marine Based